FKCS and FKICS Connectors

By Phoenix Contact 102

FKCS and FKICS Connectors

Phoenix Contact's FKCS plug connectors and compatible FKICS inverted connectors provide an easy to use wire-to-wire connection with spring termination technology. The connector has self-locking flanges that automatically lock into the header upon insertion, enabling convenient ejection. Flanges on the inverted plug allow for direct mounting on panels or housings for a secure solution in wire-to-wire applications.

The connector is available in 5.08 mm pin spacing, with 2 to 16 position options available. The FKCS connector comes equipped with an integrated test point for available test plugs, making identification of proper connections fast and easy.

Features and Benefits

  • Push-in spring cage connection for fast wire assembly
  • Self-locking flanges for secure locking into the header
  • Flanges on header for direct mounting on plates or housings
  • Integrated test point for easy verification
  • Wire-to-wire connection for a wide variety of applications