TitanBrite 2 W High Power UV LEDs

By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 136

TitanBrite 2 W High Power UV LEDs

Lumex's TitanBrite 2 watt UV LEDs offer twice the power with the same footprint as a standard 1 watt package. In addition, the surface-mount design allows the 2 W UV LED to provide up to 30%, 50%, or 90% space savings, compared to CCFLs, UV filament lamps, and standard through-hole UV LEDs. These exciting UV LEDS are ideal for a wide range of applications that require bright, intense light with low energy consumption and space limitations.

Features Applications
  • 8 mm, round-top dome, SMT package
  • Available in standard 405 nm wavelengths
  • Features a 100° viewing angle
  • Aquariums
  • Food sterilization
  • Currency verification

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