650 V XPT™ Trench IGBTs

By IXYS 187

650 V XPT™ Trench IGBTs

IXYS Corporation/Littelfuse has released the 650 V XPT Trench IGBT product line. The current ratings of devices in this product family range from 30 A to 200 A, at a high temperature of 110°C. With on-stage voltages as low as 1.7 V, these eXtreme-light Punch-Through (XPT™) devices are designed to minimize conduction and switching losses, especially in hard-switching applications. Optimized for different switching speed ranges (up to 60 kHz), these IGBTs provide designers with flexibility in device selection in terms of cost, saturation voltage, and switching frequency.

Developed using the IXYS/Littelfuse XPT thin-wafer technology and state-of-the-art 4th generation (GenX4™) Trench IGBT process, these devices feature reduced thermal resistance, low energy losses, fast switching, low tail current, and high current densities. In addition, they display exceptional ruggedness under short-circuit conditions – a 10µs Short Circuit Safe Operating Area (SCSOA). Moreover, these IGBTs have square Reverse Bias Safe Operating Areas (RBSOA) up to the breakdown voltage of 650 V, making them ideal for snubber-less hard-switching applications. Other qualities include a positive collector-to-emitter voltage temperature coefficient, which enables designers to use multiple devices in parallel to meet high current requirements, and low gate charges, which help reduce gate drive requirements and switching losses.

Features Applications
  • Low on-state voltages VCE(sat)
  • Optimized for high-speed switching (up to 60 kHz)
  • Short circuit capability (10 µs)
  • Square RBSOA
  • Positive thermal coefficient of VCE(sat)
  • Battery chargers
  • Lamp ballasts
  • Motor drives
  • Power inverters
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuits