VS-UF Series Ultrafast Diodes Modules

By Vishay Semiconductor/Diodes Division 190

VS-UF Series Ultrafast Diodes Modules

Vishay Semiconductor/Diodes Division's VS-UF insulated modules integrate two state of the art ultrafast recovery rectifiers in the compact, industry standard SOT-227 package. The diodes structure and its life-time control provide an ultra-soft recovery current shape, together with the best overall performance, ruggedness and reliability characteristics. Based on Vishay Fred Pt® and HEXFRED® ultra-fast diodes, these modules provide ultra-soft recovery characteristics with higher thermal efficiency versus previous generations.

These devices provide ideal solutions for high frequency applications. This isparticularly true in applications where the switching energy is not to be the predominant portion of the total energy. This includes areas such as in the output rectification stage of welding machines, SMPS, and DC/DC converters. Their extremely optimized, stored charge and low recovery current reduce both over dissipation in the switching elements (and snubbers) and EMI/RFI.

  • Current ratings: 80 A to 280 A
  • Voltage: up to 1200 V
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Low reverse recovery times
  • Electrically-isolated baseplate
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • Output rectification on welding machines
  • Switch mode power supplies (SMPS)
  • DC/DC converters
  • Motor controls
  • Inverters