By Molex Inc 224


The Molex Premo-Flex™ 0.30 mm pitch polyimide jumpers achieve tight tolerances for reliable connections. These standard jumpers, terminated to Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) FFC connectors, provide great design flexibility as an ultra-flexible interconnect solution for adjoining PC boards. With the 0.12 mm cable thickness, PCB space can be maximized for reduced package-sized applications. Using a polyimide substrate and etched-copper technology, Molex can achieve the tight tolerance required for compact applications such as digital cameras and handheld devices such as smart phones, tablet computers, and compact medical equipment.

  • Etched-copper polyimide circuitry
  • Polyimide substrate
  • Available in 8 circuit sizes and 5 standard lengths
  • Cable termination thickness 0.12 mm
  • Rated up to +105°C
  • ZIF ensures simple assembly process
  • Terminates to Molex FPC connector series 502598
  • Achieves tight tolerances required for reliable connections with 0.30 mm-pitch microminiature FPC connectors
  • High-temperature insulation material
  • Off-the-shelf solutions and flexible design options
  • Compatible with Molex 0.30 mm Pitch Easy-On™ BackFlip™ FPC Connector, series 502598
  • Meets industry-standard requirements
  • Ideal for microminiature electrical connections between PCB’s, display boards
  • 502598 series is a Core Micro Product; guaranteed minimum 10 year life-cycle Etched-Copper Polyimide Circuitry

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