RS-485 Evaluation Boards

By Bourns Inc. 245

RS-485 Evaluation Boards

Bourns presents two evaluation boards for RS-485-based applications. Using Bourns TBU® High-Speed Protectors (HSPs), GDTs, TVS diodes, and MOV products, the boards were developed as a design resource that streamlines evaluating circuit protection on RS-485 serial device ports. To meet the required industry standards on RS-485 port interfaces, the boards provide two different evaluation approaches. The Bourns RS-485EVALBOARD1 includes two Bourns TBUHigh-Speed Protectors (HSPs), two Bourns fast-acting GDTs and two Bourns TVS diodes. The Bourns RS-485EVALBOARD2 uses Bourns TBU High-Speed Protectors (HSPs), MOVs and TVS products.

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