QorIQ P2 Platform

By NXP Semiconductors 265

QorIQ P2 Platform

NXP's QorIQ P2 platform series delivers high single-threaded performance per watt for a wide variety of applications in the networking, telecom, military, and industrial markets. The series delivers dual- and single-core frequencies up to 1.2 GHz on a 45 nm technology low-power platform. The QorIQ P2 series consists of dual- and single-core products that are pin-compatible with the QorIQ P1 platform products, providing interchangeable, cost-effective solutions. Scaling from a single core at 533 MHz (P1011) to a dual core at 1.2 GHz (P2020), the two QorIQ platforms together deliver an impressive 4.5x aggregate frequency range within the same pinout.

The devices in these two series are software compatible, sharing the e500 Power Architecture core and peripherals as well as being fully software compatible with the existing PowerQUICC® processors. This enables the creation of products with multiple performance points from a single board design.

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