Model 3255A Accelerometer

By TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties Inc. 231

Model 3255A Accelerometer

Measurement Specialties's Model 3255A is a signal conditioned board mountable MEMS accelerometer available in ±25 g to ±500 g ranges. The package can be mounted in one of two orientations, allowing the measurement axis to be either parallel or perpendicular to the mounting surface without the use of costly brackets. The accelerometer incorporates integral temperature compensation and offers a flat frequency response from DC to 1500 Hz.

  • ±25 g to ±500 g ranges
  • Three axis mounting options
  • Surface mount package
  • DC response, gas damping
  • Hermetically sealed
  • 5 VDC excitation
  • Impact and shock testing
  • Vibration and shock monitoring
  • Embedded applications
  • Transportation measurements

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