I²C and SPI GPIO Expanders

By MaxLinear 262

I²C and SPI GPIO Expanders

Exar Corporation presents the XRA120x I²C/SMBus GPIO expander and XRA140x SPI GPIO expander product families. Exar's GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) expander products enable straightforward serial expansion of I/O through an industry-standard I²C, SMBus™, or SPI™ interface. The XRA120x and XRA140x devices are optimized for a variety of markets including industrial monitoring, handheld battery operated applications, and popular consumer devices such as cellular phones, PDAs, and GPS systems.

The XRA120x is a GPIO expander with an I²C/SMBus interface, while the XRA140x is a GPIO expander with an SPI interface. The XRA1200, XRA1200P, XRA1202, XRA1206, XRA1402, and XRA1404 are 8-bit GPIO expanders. The XRA1201, XRA1201P, XRA1203, XRA1207, XRA1403, and XRA1405 are 16-bit GPIO expanders. All of the XRA120x and XRA140x GPIO expanders have internal pull-up resistors on each I/O pin that can be individually enabled or disabled. For applications where the I/O pin needs to be in a known state, the internal pull-up resistors are enabled upon power-up in the XRA1200P and XRA1201P. In addition, both series have the ability to invert the polarity of the individual inputs. The interrupt for each input can independently be disabled.

  • 1.65 V to 3.6 V operating voltage
  • 8 or 16 General Purpose I/Os (GPIOs)
  • 5 V tolerant inputs
  • Maximum stand-by current of 1 μA at +1.8 V
  • I²C/SMbus or SPI bus interface
  • Individually programmable inputs
  • Individually programmable outputs
  • Open-drain active low interrupt output