HiperLCS Integrated LLC Controller

By Power Integrations 1029

HiperLCS Integrated LLC Controller

Power Integrations' HiperLCS is an integrated LLC power stage incorporating a multi-function controller, high and low-side gate drivers, and two power MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration. It eliminates up to 30 external components and reduces assembly cost and PCB layout loop areas. The maximum operating frequency of 1 MHz dramatically reduces magnetics size and allows the use of SMD ceramic output capacitors. The HiperLCS has programmable dead-time for optimized design and improved efficiency; programmable burst mode, which maintains regulation at no-load and improves light load efficiency; and programmable soft-start time and delay before soft-start.

Features Applications
  • Single package designed for high-power and high-frequency
  • Simple clip attachment to heat sink
  • Exposed thermal pad connected to ground potential – no insulators required between package and heat sink
  • Staggered pin arrangement for simple PC board routingand high-voltage creepage requirements
  • High-efficiency power supplies (80 PLUS Silver, Gold and Platinum)
  • LCD TV power supplies
  • LED street and area lighting
  • Printer power supplies
  • Audio amplifiers