.312 Series FASTON Receptacle Connectors

By TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 192

.312 Series FASTON Receptacle Connectors

The .312 series FASTON receptacle connector is an ergonomically designed, single position FASTON connector to insulate TE Connectivity AMP .312 series FASTON receptacles. These receptacles and connector will mate with .312 series quick connect tabs in a variety of commercial and industrial components including: residential laundry, HVAC heating elements, and vehicle lighting applications in automotive, off highway and lawn and garden equipment.

The connector is provided in two material and color options to address application requirements and will accept Premier or Premier Low Insertion Force receptacles.


  • Ergonomically friendly, thumbprint design provides comfortable, contoured pushing surfaces for mating
  • Configured to allow operators to recognize proper position and orientation for loading and mating
  • Protected internal terminal locking feature provides secure retention and includes anti-reverse component to reduce potential for improper terminal assembly
  • Housings are made from UL 94 V-2 and V-0 flammability rated nylon material
  • Color coded to help prevent misapplication
  • RoHS Compliant

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