SeriesOne DR Solid State Relays

By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 309

SeriesOne DR Solid State Relays

Crydom's SeriesOne DR family of AC and DC output DIN rail mounted solid state relays are intended for use in heating, lighting, and motion control applications where DIN rail mounting is preferred and higher output power ratings are required. Featuring a unique proprietary thermal management design with no exposed hot metal surfaces for safety, the SeriesOne DR family includes AC output ratings at 40°C ambient for single channel models of either 6 A or 12 A and dual AC output models with 6 A per channel.

Each is rated at either 12 VAC to 280 VAC or 24 CAC to 600 VAC. DC output model ratings at 40°C ambient include single channel versions rated at either 6 A or 12 A and 1 VDC to 60 VDC or 1 VDC to 100 VDC.

The SeriesOne DR relays features 4 VDC to 32 VDC, 90 VAC to 140 VAC, 208 VAC to 265 VAC or 18 VAC to 36 VAC inputs and include LED input status indicator. The SeriesOne DR 6 A single channel versions are 11mm wide, while the 12 A single channel and 6 A dual channel SSRs are each 18 mm. All mount on industry standard 35 mm DIN rail.

SeriesOne DR Brochure


Heating Control

  • Steam ovens
  • Professional cooking
  • Plastic industry
  • Solar tracking

Motion Control

  • Equipment
  • Rail road signals
  • Process control
  • Elevators and conveyer belts
  • Packaging

Lighting Control

  • Equipment
  • Rail road signals
  • Traffic control systems
  • Theater lighting